Fireproof filing cabinet

Fireproof filing cabinets 2 drawers.

Fireresistant filing cabinets provide a high degree of security for papers, and datamedia in the event of fire.


Fire- resistant filing cabinets provide a high degree of security for papers in the event of fire.

  • Wide range of products to fit every filing requirements, every space available.
  • The new insulation material makes the Cabinets the lightest on the market today.
  • The weight is reduced with more than 30% making it less expensive to transport and install.
  • The new insulation material has also made it possible to optimize the measurement, in order to save space.
  • No other fire resistant cabinet has more capacity, using the same floor space.
  • The standard colour is RAL 9002



Storage of datamedia requires ekstra insulation,so they most be kept in a special databox adapted to the drawers of the cabinet.



Product        Outside dimension Inside dimension Weigth

Qty of


Vertical 60P Heigth Width Depth     Heigth Width Depth Weigth


Vertical 31"

2 drawer A4

729 441 756 288 330 670 103 16
Vertical 120P                

Vertical 31"

2 drawer A4

744 471 771 288 330 655 150 16


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